Laurie Murphy: Fort Worth Architect

Whether you are building new from ground up, or planning an addition/ remodel to existing, whether your design is commercial or residential in nature, you need an experienced architect with a portfolio of accomplishments and experience to match your needs.

Laurie Murphy has been offering top quality architect services in Fort Worth for 21 years. From warehouses to retail, single family homes to multi-family, Laurie has had a hand in the design and planning of countless architectural projects throughout the State of Texas.

Why Choose Laurie Murphy Architect?

When you need a Fort Worth architect, for any type of project, there are certain skills that you want your professional design team to bring to the table. Here are a few reasons clients trust Laurie Murphy with their architecture needs:

We Understand Your Unique Vision

No two construction projects are alike. Even a simple 3- bedroom home can be designed in hundreds or thousands of different ways. But, what matters most is finding the design that meets YOUR needs of function, appearance, and budget. As a professional architect, Laurie is trained to listen first, so that she can apply the architectural techniques necessary to bring your dreams to life.

We Keep You Up To Code

Especially for commercial and multi-family projects, meeting local and federal regulations is a must. Let our firm put our extensive knowledge of building codes and zoning regulations to your service so that you can rest easy knowing that your designs are 100% compliant.

We Encourage Energy Efficient Buildings

Green building isn’t just a fad, it’s good stewardship of the earth. And, it will save on your utility bill. Our designs keep in mind natural sunlight, energy efficient materials, and ideal window placement to help you make the best use of every watt of energy you spend.

Fort Worth Architect Services: What We Do


Before we even start drafting construction documents, early planning is the key to later success. With site evaluations, programming feasibility analysis, building code analysis, and more, we help ensure that no logistical detail gets overlooked from the very start of your project.


Good architectural design brings together the many moving parts of a construction plan in order to create a beautiful and functional piece of architecture. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire suppression, security, budget, and more all need to be considered carefully alongside the unique vision you have for your new construction.

Construction Administration

We do more than deliver blueprints, permits, and construction documents. From evaluating bids to performing construction observation, we are with you every step of the way to see your design through to the end.

And So Much More…

That’s just a sampling of our most prominent architectural services in Fort Worth. Our firm is able to handle all of your design and build needs.

Get in Touch With the Architectural Service You Deserve Today

When it comes to architecture, you need a professional with a proven track record of success. Laurie Murphy has been designing in the DFW Metroplex for 21 years. Get in touch today to learn about working together to enhance the vision of your next project.